Ted Cahall is an Internet, e-commerce, and online media executive and is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Digital River, Inc., a leading SaaS E-Commerce provider.

Prior to Digital River, Ted was a Corporate Vice President in the Online Services Division (OSD) at Microsoft. He has also worked at: AOL, CNET, and the Internet divisions of United Online and Bank of America.

Over the years, Ted has managed portfolios of web properties including: e-commerce, social media, mapping, search, web hosting and photo sharing sites. Prior to running the business operations of web companies, he ran the technology behind all of the CNET properties and Bank of America online banking websites. He started his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories and has also worked at two VC backed technology start-ups.

This site contains information about Ted Cahall, his work and hobbies. You can also see information on some of Ted's hobbies such as: SCCA Club Racing, his Corvettes, and his Harley-Davidson Motorcycles at cahall.com or check out his latest invention the MARRS Points tracking web application.